Monday, 8 March 2010

Week 1

This first weeks images are of the beaches around the town that i live in. I'm please with the result, as it takes me a little longer than most people to get into a project. But hey-ho...I just used a simple digital compact camera for this week, due to the fact that the technicians lost my form!! nice one.

I was watching this dog for a while, and he was really going for it over the beach. I really wanted to show the dog in motion. It's alright i think. Focusing on the black and white theme.

Another black and white image, i like this and how detailed the plants are.

This is a rail, in case you couldnt work it out. I like this one a lot actually. I like the composition of it and how it's really focused.

this is a clan of mussels that i came across, i love the colour of this. and the shadow of the rock across them, it makes them look enclosed.

this is an iconic piece of this beach "Barrel Rock" clearly because there is a barrel stuck up on a rock. It has been there for years and many people take photos of it. I like the contrast of the rocks and the sky.

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