Friday, 19 March 2010

Week 2

So this week I wanted to take some photos of things I see everyday. Such as animals, flowers and what not. Things in life that I take for granted. I'm going to use a Canon 350D for this week with a standard lens.

Here are my images...

this is a window in the "Old Dairy". I walk past it everyday and always thought that it would make a nice photo. It's okay i guess, i could possibly do a HDR edit of it at some point and make it more interesting. It's a litte bit to dark for my liking..

"The Old Bath Tub" which cows now drink out of. Since living on a farm all my life, i have always liked these old baths. I wanted to try and focus on the small bubbles more than anything. I think it came out alright. With a better lens it would have looked better.

The calf was born 2 days previous of this photo. although i don't like this one very much as the lighting was terrible in the barn and i had the camera on a slower shutter speed, meaning there was camera shake and you can see movement on the calf. I wanted to upload this image.

This is Misty, the newest member of the house. I wanted to get some close ups of her to show her colouring and eyes. I love how this image and the image below came out. It really captures her personality. she quite likes the camera (:

Misty, again.

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